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Prosperity Property
Management Inc

We have the knowledge, experience and skills needed to care for your investment residential properties in a manner you can rely on. We only offer property management services; we are not real estate agents or contractors. Additionally, we only manage single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. This means all our time is devoted to applying our expertise and experience on your behalf.

Today in Ontario there are numerous laws, regulations and bylaws that apply to rental properties. It is our job to know what they are and follow them on your behalf. Our processes and procedures are intended to protect your rights and ensure that you are being protected.

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Tenant Placement

From taking photos of your property to writing the ad copy to showings to move in inspection, we have you covered. Finding a qualified tenant is a time consuming process that couples customer service skills.



You may typically do two yearly inspections, in the Fall and in the Spring. This allows you to take stock of any damage done during Winter and Summer due to weather and to ensure that there are no tenant issues.


Project Management

As a busy person you know how time consuming large renovations can be, we can handle the management of any large-scale makeover or renovation for you.


Smoke & CO Alarm Maintenance

As a landlord in Ontario you are responsible for ensuring that you have the required number of smoke and CO alarms, that they are properly placed in the property, and that they are regularly tested and serviced.


Property Preparation Between Tenants

Once your tenants move out the property needs to be prepared to be re-rented. We assess the property, make recommendations for any repairs, arrange for any cleaning that needs to be done and take photos that can be used for the property listing.


Short-Term Property Management

This is perfect for the hands-on rental property investor who wants to take a step back from handling the on-going management of their properties for a short period. We will take over the day-to-day management of your property so that you can enjoy some time off.

Areas We

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