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Spring Inspection Checklist


While it may seem tempting to leave well enough alone and not bother tenants who are not complaining and pay their rent on time, we recommend doing at least two inspections a year. Spring is the perfect time for such inspections in Ontario. Our winters are cold, often with a lot of snow, and melting snow can cause a lot of issues. By finding and addressing issues early you can save yourself money and keep your tenants (and yourself!) happy.


  • Look for cracks in cement or gaps in the brick
  • Ensure that all downspouts are properly connected
  • Ensure that all downspouts are directing water away from the building
  • Ensure all window screens are intact
  • Ensure all vinyl around windows are secure
  • Turn on the outside tap and test that it is working properly and is not dripping
  • Clean the lint from the dryer vent
  • Additionally, you should consider having the eavestroughs and any skylights inspected.


  • Check under sinks in kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms to ensure there are no leaks
  • Ensure the caulking around bathtubs is intact
  • Test the air conditioner and schedule any necessary maintenance for it
  • Change the furnace filter

Take the opportunity to look for and address any damages that the tenants are responsible.

Remember: You must serve your tenant with a Notice of Entry at least 24 hours before your inspection. Make sure you include the necessary information.

At Prosperity Property Management, Inc we include two yearly inspections with our property management. If you would like to find out more about our services please contact us at 905-805-8535.


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